Springer fork - Make your own



I thought I'd pass on this link as I'm sure it would be of interest to the group.


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The link above is broken or the website no longer exists.

Download the original Brain Fork guide in the attachment below :)


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I have had john brain's page saved forever
(a couple of years at least :D)
it is very well written/thought out
I just don't have the confidence in making one with the simple tools I have access to :(
At the least you'd need a decent-sized drill press to do that.
Trying to do hand-drilling in thick metal is just ruining drill bits to make crooked holes.
A drill press is always a good investment; - I'm really glad I got myself one. Waaaay easier than swinging around on the end of an electric drill. :eek::)
Here's a fork I built with some of John's plates.

I used his designed plates and improvised on the rest. As you can see I made the lower spring mount resemble the rocker arms so the look of the fork would "flow" a litttle better. The rocker mounts are also different that John's (they're not just flattened with a hole drilled in them). The rockers have plastic washers on either side of them so they can be tightened down to reduce lateral slop but still move freely. The spring bolts slide in bronze bushings so the action is butter smooth with absolutely ZERO friction or binding. The top plate is held on with star nut like the ones in threadless headsets.

It is a well thought out design and John really did his homework. It's worth building a set just to see how nice they can be.


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Oh my! - you've made an absolutely corker job of those forks. Thanks for sharing your photos :D