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  1. GYPSY

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    I am contemplating my first built which will be a cruiser. I am looking at using a new Schwinn 7 speed cruiser and keep it under 50cc. I have the following questions:
    1) Will the aluminum frame be strong enough?
    2) Will the brakes be good enough?
    3) THE MAIN QUESTION - Can I put a springer fork on it and what are some sources for one?
    4) The list gets longer - Chain or belt drive, slip or centrifugal clutch?


  2. azbill

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    yes...any bikeshop... spookytooth sells them
    last ...you have to make those choices :):):)

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  3. GYPSY

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    Bill - nice looking ride.
    I have some questions for you if you have time.
    1) What engine kit and size did you apply?
    2) Clutch type?
    3) What kind of seat post used and does it make it hard to pedal?
    4) What is the square box on the rack?
    5) Did you need a long crank to miss the engine?
    6) Single brake lever operating front and rear brakes?
    7) What brand frame is that?

    I like the retro look but also want one that can be pedaled.
    Thanks for your help and patience - English is not primary for me.
  4. azbill

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    1, standard 69cc (80)
    2, normal clutch (not centrifugal)
    3, it is called a 'setback' seatpost ... spookytooth sells it 7$ it makes it easier for me to pedal (I am 6'1")
    4, battery for my front and rear lights
    5, no
    6, yes
    7, schwinn jaguar (target)

    here is the link to my build