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  1. OCLandspeeder

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    I am talking about this:


    I would like to install this on my MB, which is a Schwinn Beach Cruiser. I noticed that many MB Cruisers use this. I also noticed this is a very popular fork on many beach cruisers for sale. Upon closer inspection at the local bicycle store, I noticed it really is just a spring with a pivot. It does not look like it has any damping in it.

    After doing a search on this site, I could not find a definitive answer about this spring. My questions are:

    Who makes it?
    Is it better than a conventional steel fork?
    Or I would I be better off using the Schwinn's stock steel fork because this springer is not a good idea?

    Thanks all.

  2. HoughMade

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    I use that springer. It does provide damping- not like a modern mountain bike shock fork, but not bad. I do not know who makes it, but its sold many, many places. I think it works well and I have had no problems with it. I would loctite and jam nut the bolt that goes through the spring.

    When the wheel goes over a bump, the pivot, along with the fact that the curve of the fork puts the wheel ahead of the pivot, allows the wheel to move up with the bump. The spring absorbs the movement. Effective simplicity.
  3. Mountainman

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    looks to ba a simple copy of the ones used on paperboy bikes back in the 60's
    patented back then and a pretty nice ((working)) set up -- made in the USA I think
    have heard about some of these cheaper copies -- breaking -- wearing out premature ???
    let me guess -- where's it made C _ _ _ _ ????

  4. azbill

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    I have approx 6ooo miles on mine
    best 35$ I spent on my bike
  5. OCLandspeeder

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    Mountainman, I've given up on things made in China. I used to put them down but, the fact is nobody wants to pay top dollar for stuff made in the USA anymore. Lets face it, our hobby is all about equipment made in China because hardly anyone is willing to pay for USA parts. China just beats us on overhead costs. American workers cost 3 times or more to employ than the average Chinese worker. Then we have Environmental laws that further add to overhead. It is these things that makes the American worker uncompetitive compared to his/her Chinese counterpart.

    Having said that, I have seen surprisingly high quality workmanship from China. Thus, my attitude has changed because just like in the USA, some Chinese factories can produce POS products while others can make world-class, ISO-certified products. It just all depends.

    I am sure the Springers are all made in China because the price point is indicative of it. However, if it were made in the USA, I would be ecstatic!
  6. OCLandspeeder

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    I don't really ride in any rough environments. However, there are a few potholes here and there. It is nice to have a front suspension that absorbs minor bumps and potholes at speed. Having experienced this in my Mountain Bike when I'm careening downhill (on pavement) I know it helps. Especially when I go over something I wasn't expecting and my elbows were not bent!

    I have to admit, I love the look of it for my bike. I can't wait!
  7. icyuod2

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    i think most of that style springer forks come from china. that style fork was on alot of the old schwinn stingrays, but now every cheap lowrider/cruiser company seem to sell a cheap knock off. (probably what ya found in your lbs)
    you could pay extra for a schwinn set, but i believe those are also made in china now. :)

    if you want more dampening in a vintage style, look for an old set of forks like this. (work fantastic)
    ya find em on ebay all the time.
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  8. OCLandspeeder

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    Those Dual Springer is available from many bicycle sites. Spooky Tooth Cycles also sell them.

    Unfortunately, I can't agree with its looks and is 3 times more expensive than the Schwinn Springer copies. Not sure if it performs better is it is not a popular item that I have seen so far.
  9. azbill

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    I have heard a lot of the monarch re-pops are made with crappy welds :(
    too bad...they do look cool
  10. HoughMade

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    Start with the "beehive" springer and improve the looks. That's what I did.

    BTW- It is solid and other than the bolt needing to be secured, it has been trouble and wear free.

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