Springer front end and speed?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by thuginfc, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. thuginfc

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    im about to order a springer front end with the v brake bosses on it from spooky tooth but i was wondering what types of speeds it cn handle without failure

    im hitting 40-45 now but anticipate to hit around 60-70 when i get my shift kit and new modded out motor installed.

    i know that doesnt really sound safe for a bicycle but i wouldnt be cruising around at that speed all the time just when needed **** i topped out at 47 once and it was pretty scary espicially since my front fork has over an inch of back and fourth movement hence replacing it

  2. thuginfc

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    i know some of you guys have springers come on how safe do you think it is at high speeds with a springer?
  3. Stan4d

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    60 to 70? Saftey? Are you serious? It is a bicycle that you are riding on. We all push the envelope on these, but that is outside the envelope.
  4. loquin

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    yeah - you might want to get your will ready, and be sure to keep your obituary up to date...
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    BTW, at 50mph, you need about 3 HP at the motor. At 60, you need 5.3 HP, and at 70, you need 8.3 HP...
  6. kerf

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    One of my friends sent me a PM, the following is what happened to him:

    "Yea I got more than banged up. 5 broken ribs, broken arm, shattered shoulder, and a collapsed lung. 5 days in the hospital. Front tire blew off the rim at 25 mph."

    If it were me, I'd listen to Loqiun.
  7. Turtle Tedd

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    Yup...bicycle with a motor..not a motorcycle..and never will be...kinda like jumping out of a plane,while holding 4 nice big umbrellas , instead of a regular parachute.
  8. 25-30 mph is fast enough on a MB without serious and expensive mods. Make sure your health and life insurance are paid up.
  9. RdKryton

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    60-70 mph and safety don't even belong in the sane sentence when talking about a motored bicycle! I don't think there is anyone still alive that can answer that!

  10. Stan4d

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    I know that that was an accident, but please do not edit it. The way it is makes more sense than anything.
  11. cyops13

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    I added some OLD springers to mine and they improved the ride greatly.I would suggest some older than the 70's though, they were made with better stuff!Keep everything adjusted and well lubed and when you bite it at 60-70 you won't be able to blame the parts.
  12. skrufryder

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    Yeah those schwinn springer forks and monarch forks arnet ment to go more than 15mph on a side walk. Try using some hydrolic tripple tree down hill forks they are ment for some serious abuse and handle great on a MB or some small dirt bike forks..... invest int a well made frame or make one your self.
  13. skrufryder

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    I think its safe to go 30 plus on a bicycle I reach 30 or more on my pedal bike going down hill tour de france riders reach 62kph thats like 40mph
  14. juliman

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    im not sure but mayb he is talking km/h not miles per hour...
  15. motman812

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    Isn't there a vendor who is selling beefed up (extra welding) Monarch forks? I'm thinking of replacing the springer that I'm currently running on my Schwinn cruiser.
  16. Pyrotechnic

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    A guy told me about this bridge in Orange TX, it's like a steep mountain since it was designed to allow tall ships to pass under.

    People used to bring their bikes to the top and try to see how fast they could go down it. The tires and bearings of a bike aren't designed for that high of speed, so tires we're blowing out, hubs were exploding, etc. They ended banning bikes from the bridge for this reason.

    Keep in mind, bike companies design bikes to be as light weight as possible. They choose the best balance between strength and weight. It's not like an SUV where things are designed to withstand the beating of a cocaine soccer mom. Motors and high speed were never part the plan when making the bike.

    If you want to go that fast, get a 125CC motorcycle.
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  17. lowracer

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    Instead of a springer type suspension fork, why not go for a MTB DH triple clamp fork like a Marzocchi. These are meant for serious downhill mountainbiking @ high speeds, hitting huge bumps & landing big air drops.
    I use one on my MB now & its bombproof @ 55 mph WOT
  18. happycheapskate

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgegzwkBY9k&feature=related 60mph on road bicycle

    60mph in TDF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tFpNsZXWgc&feature=related

    Make sure your bearings are greased and cones are locked tight at proper adjustment. (Be sure and check them after tightening axle nuts as well. )

    Coaster brakes may not survive engagement (esp long drag braking) at such speeds (and torque arm failure causes autorotation of the pedals!) Rim brakes wear quickly at that rate and may fade unpredictably.

    Be careful!

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  19. happycheapskate

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    Can you share any pictures, youtube videos, or links about this? I live in Texas but have never been to Orange. I always like to read new things about Texas towns and try to visit as many as I can.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiVe8lzIIOc Orange Texas Cajun Festival (music video) :cool:

  20. Scootmeister

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    I just found this thread and had to jump in since I have a "thang" for springer front ends and seats due to my longstanding experience with old Indians and Harleys. Springer front ends are truly one of the coolest designs in terms of style and function to hit two wheeled conveyances. If a springer can handle a 1000cc Indian or Harley at 80 MPH, what makes anyone think the basic design cannot handle a MB at 40? The answer is, it can. But that's not the right question. The right question is, can your frame and basic configuration handle speeds of 40 or higher. Do you have disc brakes that can handle a panic stop when a dog darts out in front of you at 45 MPH? If your basic platform is sound, the springer will enhance it. If your basic platform is faulty, nothing is going to correct it and a springer will probably make it worse due to additional movement in the front end. My first MB has a springer front end and it both softens bumps and reduces flexing in the front end by absorbing stress. This is possible because the forks are rigid enough to hold the front end where it belongs, and the springer has the correct tension for the weight of my MB and me. The problem with most "after market" single spring setups is they are not adjustable and therefore, one size fits all regardless of the characteristics of your bike, and the same setup has to handle riders from 80 lbs to 300 lbs. If you are going for a springer, do yourself a favor, do your homework, do some experiementation, and only use what works, especially rigid forks and front brakes.