Springer front end driving me in circles

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Ryan H, May 30, 2013.

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    Well for anyone who's counting I'm up to v.3.0 on my motor bike build. New wheel is good, motor is as modded as its going to get, comfy 14 spring seat, better kick stand, arrow expansion chamber, jaguar CDI, venturi bottle, portland works rear rack, and a pretty well tuned carb, so far all good. The last thing I'm trying to finish up (yeah right...) is suspension.

    After reading about 6 hours worth of old forum posts I went with a Pyramid springer fork. Spent about an hour getting everything together, new chrome crown bearings too since I was in there anyway. After checking everything with jigs, straight edge and levels I took her for a spin and she immediately tried to turn to the right. The wheel is straight, front and back wheels line up, nothing is cocked out of alignment, the steering tube is properly seated with no extra slop but also not tight at all, and the hubs are well packed and spinning fine. What the heck?

    The only thing I've noticed is that the spacers under the steering neck that hold the L arms apart are ever so slightly different sizes. Its barely noticeable and I don't really see how that would give me a perpetual right hand turn but that's all I've seen so far.

    Anyone had similar happen? Any ideas? Trade ya for a cookie?

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