Springer front fork problem

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    How do I make the front end more stable.I have a springer fork and while ridding if you hit any bump the whole front end wobbles.Would I be better off with a reg fork on my bicycle I am using a friction drive setup.Its fun until you hit a bump then the going gets tuff.You almost have to stop then go again to stop it from its wobble.Could my wheel bearings be lose?
    Any help is welcome. I feel like this :dunce: lol

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    What kind of fork do you have? The Schwinn style (Schwinn, later Monarks, Rollfasts and Huffmans) and postwar Cleveland Welding forks work the best. The earlier Monark, Rollfast, etc. have too much side play and get loose and sloppy. I have not tried the repop Monarks but I would assume they would be the same. If you have one of the better designs it may just need tightening.
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    Just what do you mean by wobble? Is it a loose wobble or perhaps more like a high speed wobble? Some bikes will have a front end oscillation (high speed type wobble) if you add weight to a rear rack. Is your engine a rack mount? I have a Schwinn Breeze with a rear rack and folding baskets that, if I sit up and (sort of) lean back will start to wobble.
    I've found that if I put my knee against the top tube , it will help to control it.
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    it sounds like you need to tighten the large bolt that runs through the spring
    there is usually a useless little set-screw at the other (headset) end
    it was recommended to me to use a nut on the other end also to keep the bolt from moving
    (what the set-screw is supposed to do)
    here is a link to an install walk-thru, perhaps it will help as well :cool2:
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    ...also, crank that bolt that goes through the spring down. It will have higher tension, but that will provide greater control while still damping.

    Also, and more importantly, I have had that bolt vibrate out while riding. What I did was tighten the bolt, then put a jam nut where it comes out and tighten it with blue loctite. It has not vibrated out again.