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  1. lonjack

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    Noobie here, so please be gentle

    Have been looking around this site a lot & hopefully learned a few things, but realize I have a lot to learn.

    Just starting my first build. Bought a Schwinn Landmark that I ordered from Wally World, since it was on special & delivered free to the store just down the street from me. Plan on a HS drive train using the EZM setup.

    Am doing a springer front, adding fat fenders, all to do the 50's look, which is the era I grew up in.

    Regarding the springers, I read from a few how these repro's may not hold up well compared to the old Schwinn originals that had bushings. As usual, I didn't read that till after I had ordered a real nice looking repop from Spookytooth.

    Strolling down the aisle at ACE Hardware today, I spotted a tray in the nuts & bolts section that hat 3/8" ID bronze bushings. Picked up a couple and here's where I'm at:

    Found a rotary file at Lowes that just happens to be the right fit. It seemed that all I was removing to fit the bushing was a small section of the hole in the fork that was buggered up from the drilling and pressing anyway.

    Pressed the bearing in (ie, beat the tar out of it with a nylon hammer).

    Used my Dremel to cut off the excess and grind down.

    Assembled with new stainless hardware.

    I'd like your comments on this, as I'm old and don't bounce the way I used to, so if you guys think I goofed somewhere, Please let me know.



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  2. HoughMade

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    Great Mod! Good work.

    Although I am running a similar springer and have not had any problems. If I do, now i know what to do.
  3. KilroyCD

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    I agree with HoughMade, it looks like a great mod. I'm currently running three of those springers on bikes (one of them since 2003) without any problems. However, I am told that there are varying grades of that springer, and some have heavier tubing than others. I must have lucked out (so far) and gotten the heavier ones.

    By the way, the word springer in the title is what first caught my attention. Look at my avatar (a Springer), and yes, my Springer Spaniel is snoozing at my feet as I type this. :whistling:
  4. lonjack

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    Thanks for the replies

    Houghmade, it was your bike that I first saw when I came to this site that got my juices flowing. Your attention to detail is inspiring. You are definitely my Yoda.

    Kilroy, great lookin' dog. Our family's first dog when I was a kid was a springer. Hopefully you haven't had to rebuild yours.