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  1. dkroshko

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    I was looking to boost the comfort of my moondog cruiser cause 25mph and bumps on the road dont feel to great. Has anyone put on springers on their cruisers? I found some for cheap but dont know if they will help out too much... or if I should look for mountain bike shocks that would fit a cruiser...

    Here are the ones I found -
    Springer Link

    Any insight is appreciated

  2. HoughMade

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    That looks like what I have and I cruise at 25 to 30 mph- works pretty well and I can see the fork working and taking the sting out. I did 10 or 12 miles Saturday in one trip without a problem. I have an old long-spring seat too, so that helps.
  3. dkroshko

    dkroshko New Member

    sweet thanks! sounds like a winner and keeps the classic look