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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by cbecker301, May 9, 2014.

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    Hi everyone!
    I just had a question that you might be able to better answer. So I have a 2 stroke 49cc engine from China and am having some difficulty starting it now that winter is over and was wondering how to better troubleshoot it. I bought this engine last August and it ran great before it got cold. Before winter I stabilized the fuel and cleaned the carb thoroughly. I looked up the guides on this website and followed the basic guidelines. I checked the sparkplug and replaced the cheap one with a new NGK one. There is a spark when the clutch is engaged too. I replaced the carb due to finding a crack in it, and I also put brand new fuel (91 octane rating, premium grade) with it a bit on the leaner side just to try and get the engine started. I checked for leaks and can't find any in the engine. Before starting it, I took off the cylinder head and cleaned off all the carbon buildup. There were no scratches or visible damage inside. When I put everything back together, I still found no leak. I tried running my engine yesterday, but couldn't get it to run after 45 minutes of tinkering. I'm not sure what else could be causing the engine to not fire. I also unplugged the kill switch to give the spark plug more juice, but that was unsuccessful as well. When I turned of the fuel lines with the clutch engaged I did get a few kicks, almost as if the engine did want to start and there was too much fuel. I also have not adjusted or tuned the carb, and I'm not sure if that plays a role in this. If so how would I tune the carb without being able to start it? Any basic guidelines? Or any advice as to how to get the engine to start? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!! :)


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    if the plug seems excessively wet, you may have a lot of fuel in the bottom of the motor that will need to be blown out - otherwise, I'd put the old parts that ran back on to see if that helps
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    Okay, over winter I did notice that there seemed to be some fuel leaking out of the exhaust pipe for many days on end. I emptied the entire gas tank and it stopped. If there is too much gas in the motor, how would I drain it without completely disassembling it? Also the only old part that I have was the carb but it is damaged and has a crack in it, so it wouldn't work right if I put it back on. I'm really stumped with this one. I'm not sure if there's something deeper in the engine that needs to be fixed or not. My visual inspection with the cylinder head off was excellent, nothing was pitted or scratched. Thanks for the quick reply though.