Sprocket Adapter and other options

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    Hi all,

    I built my first motorized bicycle yesterday. I went for a little spin and all of the sudden my chain broke....well, the master link broke. The break was due to the idler pulley twisting on the frame, which I have repaired. I am also sure that my wheel sprocket is not in line with the motor sprocket.

    So, after searching the forum all day, I have some ideas and some questions. First off, what do you all think of sprocket adapters? I am thinking of purchasing something like this: http://home.roadrunner.com/~bikeparts/

    Does anyone have anything to say good or bad about them? I think that they would eliminate some of the sloppiness of the rag joint design and eliminate stress on the spokes.

    Also, I am reading that some of you don't use master links. I like this idea, but I am at a loss as to what type of tool would remove AND install links on a chain permanently. Links and explanations would be awesome.

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    I think that guy's sprocket adapters are second to none. I ordered his copper exhaust gasket. It was perfect and he shipped very quickly. If it were me I would order his sprocket to go with the adapter so the bolt up was perfect.

    All chain driven motorcycles use master links, just make sure the closed end of the clip is leading into the rotation (so if it hooked anything it's pushing it on not off).
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    The next rear sprocket I need I know I am definately ordering from him.

    They look to be very well machined, top quality, and made here in America!

    Excellent choice I say you would be making...