Sprocket adapter slipping

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by cranker789, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. cranker789

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    Hey guys, the sprocket adapter on my bike keeps slipping and breaking my spokes. I just replaced 9 spokes on my back wheel. 3 were broken and 6 were bent. I put the adapter back on with lock tight and screwed it in as much as possible with an allen key. I tried to line the hub with some rubber tubing but then the adapter wouldn't fit with it on there. I took the bike out for a ride and it's slightly bent a few spokes again, so it's still slipping on the hub. Any tips on getting the sprocket adapter to stay put? I thought about using some metal on metal glue, but I think that's a last resort option. Any ideas?

  2. butre

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    what brand adapter?
  3. cranker789

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    I got it on bikeberry, it's for the 5,6,7 speed one inch hub
  4. butre

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    the tolerances on those aren't what they need to be. get some shim stock
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    i agree with butre.
    i had that issue on my last hub as well. i used .016 aluminum.
  6. Did the shim stock solution work for you? I am having the same problem. I thought about getting some JB Weld Steel Stick epoxy putty and using that to sandwich between the clamshell and the hub but I don't think that would hold....and if it did, it would be a bear to get off again without my workshop tools accessible here in Korea. I just had my rear wheel spokes repaired but I don't want to risk immediately damaging the spokes again until I think I have a decent solution in place to try again. Let me know