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  1. KDC1956

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    Who makes good sprocket adapter here.I know I saw one on this place.I forget who he is
    and now I need to see if I can get this site back.This sprocket adapter was the best I saw so I am hopping that I can get this place back.
    Thanks for any help on this.:icon_cry:

  2. Junster

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  3. KDC1956

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    To Junster

    Thanks you hit it on the head this was the place.
    Many many many thanks.
  4. Porkchop

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    Excuse my ignorance, but what does "HT" mean ? I see that a lot. You'ld think I'd know by now. Anyway, I'm glad you posted this link. I just checked it out and I'll surely buy that adaptor kit for 30 some odd dollars when I build my frame mount kit. No doubt ! Thanks !
  5. impression

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    ht = happy time, a generic term for the chinest made engines that come in kits and put the drive via chain onto the rear wheel via the spokes.

    see here: www.zbox.com.au
  6. Junster

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    Remember his adapter has a 3 bolt mount for the drive sprocket. So unless you have an indexer for your drill press. I'd suggest buying his sprocket too. If you buy them together it's an extra $12. You'll get a perfect fit and he makes them with any number of outer teeth you want.