Sprockets sprocket choice for 20 inch rim?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by chopperboy, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. chopperboy

    chopperboy Guest

    Yes i have a custom built chopper bike and total weight with me on it is about 200 pds. its rim is 20 *2 inches. i have a 70cc motor i want speeds of around 40 to 45 max. i dont care about my take off speed. what size sprocket should i get?

  2. OldPete

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    You have four identical posts in 20 minutes in three of our forums.

    I call for perma-bannage! :-x

    If I were a mod your IP would be banned.

    Do you sell Chinese kits out of Tucson AZ?? Or are you smoking crack? :evil:
  3. chopperboy

    chopperboy Guest

    i am new to this i thought they werent posting i just need to know what size sprocket would work best thanks!
  4. Hi,

    FWIW - A 34T on your 20" wheel will act like the standard 44T does on a 26" wheel....
    Typically the engine with this standard gearing will be revving pretty high at about 30 MPH (I hate winding my dax 70 that far though for any length of time)....About the smallest sprocket that can be custom made for the 9 Hole mount system is 27 T which would be approximately the equivalent of a 35 T sprocket on a 26" wheel......I have a 36T sprocket on my other mountain bike and just installed a speedo on it tonight but it got too dark to ride (no headlight)....so I won't be able to tell you the approximate top speed tonight....I am dying to know what speed my 36 T will pull so I will definatelt test it tomorrow eventing unless it rains.

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    Please control yourself with the identical posts!

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    And please note that this group is a tight knit group and we like to know who we are working with, so please find the time to post an intro in the Introduce yourself forum.