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    I've seen posts from other sites that tell people that they have to file or dremmel the chrome off the teeth of your sprocket to be sure that the chain sits down low enough to engage fully.
    I'm not clear on exactly how this is done. I ordered from Dax and have spoken to Duane and he has told me to look on his site, He has a vid of this procure but I can't seem to find it. My fault, I'm not great with 'puters. And I don't want bother him with my newbie questions, I'm sure he has better things to do with his time even though he is willing.
    My question,, Does anyone know of a good vid (you tube???) showing how to do this? I plan to use a rat tail file, Just easier to control for me.
    Thank you all Addum

  2. HeadSmess

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    just do it!

    as far as im aware, its more just a general debur and clean up than any modifying of shapes.

    look at a new sprocket off something real, like a motorbike, and compare it to the stamped POS that comes with a two stroke kit. nice chamfered teeth as opposed to nasty square things with dangly bits.

    before assembling, if you wrap the chain on and its sitting nice...continue assembling. otherwise, file where necessary.

    possibly better to use a flat file on this one...
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    The most simple solution to this problem if you are new to the game, is to find someone who has put 500 miles on their engine. Offer to give them a brand new sprocket (which has been removed from your bike) and swap it for their "used" sprocket.

    I have run up nearly 4,000 miles on one of my (415) 10 tooth engine output shaft sprockets and it wasn't overly worn. 500 miles is enough distance to perfectly deburr an output shaft sprocket, thereby not having to mess around; potentially f*&king up the tooth profile if you've never done it before.
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    If you haven't filed the teeth yet, here's ThatsDax's instructions - See Step 3: http://thatsdax.com/INSTALL_INSTRUCTIONS.html

    Just use Google Images and search Chainring Tooth Profile and you'll get an idea of how to taper the teeth, but you won't need to be too aggressive with the filing.

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    For the record, I have never needed to file a sprocket on any of the 3 bikes I've built. Moreover, the best advice (which was already given in one reply) is to see how the chain sits on the sprocket first. Wrap the chain around the sprocket and look for any gaps between the chain and the sprocket. If you see any, file off ONLY what needs to be taken off in order to leave a clean, uniform tooth behind. Also, it's not the chrome itself that might need to be filed. It's the slag left from the poor casting done at the Chinese factory. I know the OP does not know the difference, but whoever is feeding him info (not pointing fingers, he already said it was on another site so it's not anyone here) should know the difference or they should stop feeding him info. I realize that the main point of the info is correct, but even a grain of misinformation in an otherwise accurate bit of advice can screw someone up. I have seen it happen more than once. Every kit comes with slightly better or worse quality of parts than another. There is no reason to tell someone they automatically have to do something until the part is inspected and the quality of the individual part is assessed. This "blanket advice" mentality stems from an unnatural and unhealthy obsession with quality of Chinese parts, as well as with negativity towards one's own personal experience. Sorry for ranting, but if you followed everything everyone said you "have" to do to your kit before using it, it would take you twice as long to build it. Some preventative modifications are sometimes necessary, some are better left for those with practice and shouldn't be recommended to every novice builder. I have just seen a lot of this and it irks me a bit. Sorry.
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    And to be clear, this rant was not directed towards the OP or anyone on this forum.