Sprocket mounting alternative?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by juliman, Dec 23, 2010.

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    hey guys, i will be getting my rse 70cc hp stage 1 kit soon, and i keep thinking about ways to reduce stress on the spokes on the rear wheel, so since i will be getting a new wheel sometime in the future, i was thinking this:

    1. mount the sprocket with the rag joint

    2.get it all dialed in and straight

    3.ride it for a month or so gently ( break the motor in and not put too much stress on the wheel, and to make sure it wont shift(sprocket that is))

    4.Then tack weld the sprocket to the hub, i think this may work alright since the sprocket and hub are both steel, and if it screws the wheel up,who cares the wheel is pretty much dead now.

    Like i said before i will end up getting a new one soon.But if it works then hey!it will take a lot of stress of the spokes if not all of it. so thanks in advance

    so what are everyones oppionions or is this just:poop:, probably if it looks ok at the time then i will go ahead and try it then report back here on my success
    thank you again

  2. occchopperfl

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    a. clam shell adapter
    b. pineapple adapter
    c. tophat adapter if you have a rear disc brake

    good luck! :)
  3. motorpsycho

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    first of all you will never get the sprocket "dialed in and straight" because the center hole is usually never perfectly centered.
  4. gothicguy64

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    merry chrissy

    i hope ur aware that qld has a 200 watt law ..

    so u cant ride the 70 cc hp1 on the rd ...

    i ride a rse hp2 48cc ,,:tt1:

  5. juliman

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    heh heh yeah but the cops around here are pretty lenient, any way ill be going so fast they wont even c me LOL(jks), but i think i will be okay because once when i was riding my thumpster, the cops drove past me, and im like o siht so i did a u turn ( so fast it blew my rear wheel) and rode off , but the cops didnt do anything so yeh =) ( like i said this was on my thumpster lol)

    btw im in a pretty rural area, and there is lots of bush tracks and quiet back streets-

    oh and merry xmas to you too =)
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    I have had good results with this wheel (http://www.niagaracycle.com/product_info.php?products_id=31595)
    I use the kit type sprocket with the supplied mounting system. This is a very sturdy wheel for the price and the 12ga spokes havn't failed yet in over 2 years of riding. Most of my riding has been on old beat up roads in rural Louisiana. With at least 2000mi on my HF 79cc build This wheel is a keeper. The factory wheels failed in short order every time I used the kit mounting system.
  7. juliman

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    omfg its perfect, ill just put my 5 speed cassete on it then will be all good,.... bad thing is its in the states and shipping is probably more than the wheel lol
  8. occchopperfl

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    Here are the Hub Adapter links FYI:

    Clam Shell:




    Top Hat:



    Best of Luck! :)
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    kool, thanks very much every one... still brainstorming though LOL
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    I havn't tried the pinapple app.My best mount is directly to the hub w/the disc brake app,just put the sprockett on the disc brake mount W/ten gauge spokes.
    Happy Trails
  13. gothicguy64

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    next week gasman reopens an i know he sells 12g rear wheels that are either 5 or 6 spds .
    if i was u id look at getting a sbp shiftkit an a 12g dual rimmed wheel .

    mbb imports

  14. Dave C

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    There's something wrong with spooky tooth, can't buy anything and I'm pretty sure that's not right ;)
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    My friend Roland is moving on he has sold the place (spooky tooth)

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