Sprocket mounting with rear disk brake....

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    What is the easiest way to mount the rear sprocket when the rear disk brake is in the way do I need an adapter or is there some sort of trick. And no I'm not interested in a shift kit....
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    Make an adapter out of the disc itself. Mark 8 or 16 holes around the sprocket at even points. Then drill the holes. Get 1/2 inch spacers with high tensile nuts and bolts.

    The trick is to use the wheel to get the markings exact. I used strong paper clamps to hold the disc and sprocket together, then spun the wheel. By eye, I was able to see if it was spinning off center and therefore could make adjustments. Lucky for me, I got it 1st go.

    Mind you, you will have to cut out the center of your sprocket to clear the 6 holes on the hub that the disc brake lines up to.

    Can post pics up later on.
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    I'd love to see photos. Going to attempt this myself too.
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