Sprockets sprocket noise


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7:28 PM
Jul 20, 2008
well, my 50 cc bike is still running good in calif. Only thing I dont like is too much sproket noise when just peddeling. Does anyone else think this an is their anything that can be done, or is this just on my bike? Would welcome any advice....Fledge
You'll have that. It's inevitable. You can lessen the noise by getting a freewheel rear sprocket for that would stop the engine chain from even spinning but you can't bump start. So it's spin spin chain spin spin good.
Thanks for the reply Large Filipino. Wondering tho why so much noise when the regular bike chain/sproket makes none. Does the size of the motor/sproket/chain make it noisy? The motor noise dont seem bad compared to the chain/sproket noise when the motor is off an I am just peddaling. Also there is so much resistance when just peddeling. Despite all my whining , I still like driving the motor. Just want it to be perfect. I still like to pedal on straight away, but love the motor when tiring out. Thanks , fledge3