Sprockets SPROCKET - who can help me?

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  1. adrian101

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    Okay so, I have the 44t sprocket on bike. When I'm going at WOT i get to a speed and my engine will want to keep opening up for more speed but my sprocket doesn't want to match what the engine is producing..

    My engine will rev like its got more power but i think the sprocket is slowing me down some.

    Is it a good idea to put the 36t sprocket on?

    My bike currently:



  2. retromike3

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    You need a "bigger" gear

    All I have is a tuned pipe from Sick Bike Parts and I run a 36 tooth rear cog. It makes a big difference in my top end and If I don't want to I don't have to pedal much ( on the really steep hills maybe).I have hit over forty on the flats and if I keep it under W.O.T. it seems to have less vibration. You are going to loose some quickness off the line , but I think its worth the compromise.

  3. q999

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    bigger gear in front smaller in rear or bigger wheel

    bigger gear (sprockets) in front... smaller in rear or a bigger wheel (700c)
    that gives you top speed but climbing hills will get harder as torque drops.
    yes 36 is probably a good sprocket for a 26" wheel.
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  4. HeadSmess

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    yup. 36 toother gives a 14point something?to one redux, while 44 toother is over 18:1...

    (main gears are 82 and 20, sprockets ten...you do the math... :p)

    and 2120mm give or take per wheel rotation ;)

    if you weigh as much as some people you may need the 44 but it doesnt sound like it!!!
  5. adrian101

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    I weigh 115kgs lol, tho i have changed to the 36t sprocket and it is way faster then before.

    Thanks to everyone for their replies :D