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    At which point would I think I would need a new drive sprocket? Giver me a senario!

  2. crassius

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    excepting catastrophic failure, I've never changed one
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    Thanks Crassius, no need to cause a prob!
  4. butre

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    if you're skipping teeth then you replace the sprocket. a sprocket usually lasts 10000 or so miles
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    just put a bike together and it has 20inc back wheel with a 36 tooth sprocket and rings out good so i made a 28 out of a 44 and it works good but then the chain come off and off and off so i put the 36 back on and off too then i see the wheel is to far to one side that's all so i will put the 28 on tomorrow and see what speed i can get .
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    Chains wear out and if the chain is not changed in a timely manner, it will wear the sprocket out quicker than normal.

    A worn sprocket will also wear out a new chain quicker than normal. Worn sprockets and worn chains are plenty usable, but they'll be noisy.

    In the pic posted above, the 44T sprocket on the left is worn out. The 36T is pretty worn, too. The 28T is complete junk.