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    Does anybody know if you can change the drive sprocket that is attached to the 2 stroke engine?

    I've heard there is a 12 and 10 tooth sprocket is this correct.

    -What effect will it have if i change from a 12 to a 10 or the other way around?
    -Does changing that sprocket make the motor faster?

    Picture of sprocket that i'm talking about below:

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    I persoannly have not seen any other size than a 10 tooth front sprocket for these engines. That's not saying that one from something else won't fit tho.
    if you go from a 10 tooth to a 12 tooth you will get slightly more top end speed. less take off power. think of the engine sprocket as a 10 speed bike sprocket on the cranks. when you pedal, you are the engine.
    for example if you have the chain on the 5th gear sprocket in the rear and the chain on the biggest front sprocket, it's harder to pedal on take off, but once you get moving it becomes easier and you can go fast with little effort.
    if you put the chain on the 5th gear sprocket in the rear, and the chain on the smallest front sprocket, it's easier to pedal on take off, but you will be peddling fast once you get moving and your top speed will be slower.
    using a regular 10 speed bike makes it easy to understand what a smaller or bigger front sprocket will do...you just have to ride a non motorized bike with gears and play around with the gears on each sprocket and you'll be able to see the results.

    changing the sprocket (engine or wheel) won't make the motor faster or slower, but it will make the bike move faster or slower.