sproket sizes- where to buy



how do you figure out what size ur sprocket? Im assume 50t = 50 Teeth on the sproket.. I know my sprocket is 19cms diametre...

whatever my sprocket is, i think i want to get a smaller one becuase i want more top end speed... can pedal a to get up there. any1 know where to get sprokets from?
actually, everyone knows where to get sprockets...try the "Bicycles, Gasoline Engines...Parts...." forum, the caption says something about "where to buy" :)

...there's a few pages, tho, so maybe you should try a search :?

type in "rear sprocket", tick "search for all terms", & choose the "Bicycles, Gasoline Engines..." forum in the dropdown. click "search" to see 7 hits, one of which is an obvious choice. you'll find 2 sources posted in there :D

or, you could just click on the "resources" link up top, sellers are listed at the bottom of the resources page. you can always shop their sites for what you're looking for, maybe find something you didn't know you wanted, too :LOL:

same search-theory applies to your pending ratio & torque vs. speed questions, choose the "tech/mech help" or maybe the "general discussion" forum...i promise it's tons easier than you think (remember the "search for all terms" button & forum-chooser make the difference)...when you find a thread that's already going about either of those, or both, do us all a favor and "bump" 'em up front by replying to that topic with your question. when you do that, you're already helping the builder who joined the day after you :unsure:

as the "Posting And You" video says: "it's always better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one"

that couldn't be more true...if the topic exists, of course.

with probably 10-12K of on-topic posts on MBc, chances are it does :)

there ya go, my friend...now you know how to fish. i look forward to seeing what you haul in 8)