Spunout's a dad again!!! pics!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spunout, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. spunout

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    Been a long time comin'! :rolleyes:
    Megan went into labor Monday morning at 11:00am. By 11:50, Ruby Elizabeth was born :D:D:D

    7lbs 5oz, and PERFECT. ;)

    Got my girls home today, and Miss Megan is completely exhausted. :puke:
    Not much else to say. We're just really glad she's finally here, and healthy.


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  2. azbill

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    congrats Jeff
    glad to see mom n baby healthy and smiling

    ps...grampa makes the baby smile...I can dig it :lol::lol:

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  3. OldPete

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  4. gauge

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    congrats to u and ure family
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  7. spunout

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    Thanks! appreciate it. you five guys have just made my XMAS gift wish list. (i'll PM you when i figure out what you can get me, haha)
  8. turbo/chaos

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    hahaha congrats man uhh second time is still the same man as the first it never changes happy hear man later
  9. dbigkahunna

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    Congratulations and liked the grandad photo. Being one, I know how he feels. And it being a little girl, WHOOOO. May the God of your choice bless you and your family.
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  11. spunout

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    thanks guys. everybody's good, and that's all we could ask.
  12. Dockspa1

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    Alls healthy and home ok! Can't beat that!
  13. Scottm

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    Congrats! So happy to hear everyone is well. Being a daddy rocks!
  14. congratulations!
  15. spunout

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    thanks, docspa, scottm, and sideshow. if anyone else replies to this thread after this post, i may not reply, but i will read your posts. so, thanks in advance.
  16. gone_fishin

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    happy! wait!!

    i had to wait until i could read this and give it the proper attention...sorry dood but been busy :rolleyes:

    the right words? geez, i keep editing...

    spunout: i knew you'd survive :p

    megan: i know you did all the hard work, and i'm glad you're doing well :smile:

    ruby: welcome to MBc :cool:

    thanks for sharing, i so hope to meet you all in person someday to make this even more special :)
  17. spunout

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    :lol::lol: hahahaha...dont sweat it, bro. :p i know you're a busy guy. :cool::cool:

    thanks! we're doing great! megan says come down and watch the baby, so we can go drink. j/k :p