square 48cc little cylinder scratches...



Hi, i recently finish my bike and started saturday, i'll post some pictures in the gallery forum, im from Argentina, its a Mountain Bike with a chinese Square Head 48 cc, im using Castrol TTS Synthetic oil in 16:1 for the break in.

Everything is fine so far, i take the break in really easy, carburation is OK, good color at electrode of spark plug, but today when i take a look into the cylinder with a flashlight, just curiosity, i saw VERY LITTLE MINOR scratches in the wall, like 0,5" width no more, really superficial, looks like the rings have some little sharp edges or something.

Is this "NORMAL" with these chinese engines, i have to worry about it, or after the break in, the engine will be "smooth" internally?

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I've noticed the same on my Dax 70....Seemed to be more pronounced around the exhaust side of the cylinder....was this the same for you?
hi andrew, sitting on my bicycle, it was in the right side of the engine, the side where is the spring that protects the clutch cable from heat, but i dont remember if it was just near when the piston pin and clip are....