square clutch pads.. orange rubber vs black with fiber

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    Time to trhow some new clutch pads in. I have a Grubee Skyhawk and they come with the square black pads with fiber in them ( asbestos?) in the bottom image. I have seen the orange rubber ones for sale too,( top image) are they better ot worse?


  2. butre

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    the Asbestos pads are better as long as you don't breathe them in.
  3. mrfubs

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    those pads are asbestos? breathe that in dude and sue the manufacture and never have to work again
  4. Fabian

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    I am not sure if all of the older black fibrous pads have asbestos in them, but the ones i bough from very old stock appear to be asbestos laced, and they grip like anything, compared to the newer clutch pads.
    The Chinese store owner wouldn't even let me cut the bag open in his shop, mentioning only the words: "no, great danger", (with regards to the old, old stock clutch pads).

    When he said that i purchased every set of old, old clutch pads he had in stock.

    There is nothing dangerous about asbestos, so long as you prevent dust particles from getting into the air and breathing in the fibres.
    My technique is to liberally spray the clutch and clutch pads with alcohol before working on the clutch, or touching the clutch pads, thereby preventing fibres from getting into the air.

    I haven't tried the newer rubber clutch pads so cannot comment on their friction efficacy.
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    asbestos is a very distinct material, and will not be bonded in rubber. or, at least, it will not be woven sheet but will be chopped in some way to ensure the stuff is actually where its needed, on the friction surfaces. if its hard, and i mean hard, my moneys on it being asbestos. otherwise, no. if youre really worried, burn one. cus what doesnt asbestos do? no matter if you need a blowtorch, asbestos will not melt!

    hear hear, it is not dangerous as long as its not released as fine particles into the air, then into your lungs. talcum powder contains asbestos, and its the same material as mica.

    (what happens when the alcohol evaporates away? use some 2 stroke mix so at least the stuff stays bonded up in the oil afterwards...)

    the rubber bonded fabric filled ones, appear to be stamped from the same scrap as the rag joint rubbers on the rear sprocket. that appears to be sidewalls of tyres. or any other suitable thickness scrap. like truck mudflaps.

    the orange ones, never found them.

    so far, as long as alls adjusted, never had an issue with clutch slipping.
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    no, i have had those orange ones! they vaguely resemble "ink eraser" type rubber, and arent always orange...

    um, the only real difference was when i had a fiddle and pulled them out...the full rubber ones break. the fabric reinforced ones didnt. performance wise, not a smidgen.
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    Good luck even figuring out who the manufacturer is.
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