square tubing

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  1. jawnn

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    where can I get 2" sq tubing hopefuly in 4130? x .065" or .058" wicks aircraft used to have it, but nomore-nomore....

    why is it so hard to find such stuff.:ack2:

  2. Mountainman

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    would think that most any fab shop should be able to give you some suppliers names

    my buddy owns a muffler shop -- he knows where to get just about anymetalTHING
    they also build and repair dune buggies, trailers -- on and on

    with just a few phone calls -- you should be in the money

    ride that thing
  3. stick 2" square 4130 tubing in Google like I did
  4. jawnn

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    all I need is more computer time.....:icon_cry: