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  1. jpcourtney

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    I have a 2006 NE5. My rear brake has recently started squeaking after approx. 700 miles. With the band brake, is there a standard method for adjustment? Are the screws with the locknuts there for adjustment of the band?

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  2. bill green

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    Hi You need to remove rear shoes and scuff them off with 220 sand paper.Then cut 3 equal spaced groove cuts at about a 30 deg angle to push brake dust out when brake is used. hope this helps Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
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    John. Follow Bill Greens repair advise it wooks great, There was a lot of discusson last summer about the rear band brake squeel noise,I did both of my bikes,easy to do, the rear wheel bearing usually need a little wheel bearing grease anyway. Try it you'll like it.
    Bill B