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    Hey im squirrel from down under. Howz it gaan! I have a 66cc chinese engine on a trike. It has a slant head and standard internals. Ive modified an expantion chamber from an old 50cc ktm mini bike, ive taken the carby from that bike also, its a 14.5 flat slide carb. Ive made my own veloity ram for it aswell. Being on a trike frame im not restricted to fitting it between a frame. Ive put a pull starter on it and changed the string to a stainless steel cable cause i was sick of putting new string on every week!! Im working on an electric starter for it thatll run of a 12v battery. Im also making a reed valve inlet for it but i dont know if it really needs it. 20160312_170806.jpg 20151222_100200.jpg 20160312_170806.jpg 20151222_100200.jpg 20160306_143444.jpg 20140426_085525.jpg 20140329_115920.jpg

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    screw legality (if you are in NSW at least) and make something for FUN!

    i especially like the sign, its all too true... occasionally even the operator falls off :)

    cmon, take the plunge and get the proper KTM 50 engine as well! (denardis...)
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    Nah im in adelaide, i just stick to carparks and dead end streets.
    The sign refers to wen i was building it and it was just tacked together like the last picture, i was so exited about getting it all together and running i went to take off and got no more than 2 metres and the frame broke in half leaving my ass on the ground surrounded by hysterical work mates!
    I have a morini 50cc but the piston and bore is massivley scored beyond repair, and parts and replacement engines are pricey! ( im a cheap ass! )
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    good on you. nice bit of nonsense.

    I had the thought that, for ebikes ebikes in particular, its all much like the early days of cars - improv, retrofits & an avalanche of innovation.

    A factory built ebike e.g., has no ; lights, storage, lock, rear view, indicators, wind shield, wiring loom for accessories ...

    Imagine producing even the most cheap ass car along those lines?

    We are privileged to live in times when you can DIY a vehicle, much as in the times of the wright bros & young henry ford.

    A paradigm shift is hub motors. In theory, no axles are required for trikes and quads - each wheel can have its own motor if it is intelligently controlled - even steering can be done non mechanically.
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    Nice one mate!;)
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    Cheers. As nice and expencive hub motors are, nothing beats the sound and smell of a carby engine with a nice note!
    As far as innovation goes i wish i lived in america so i could build my reverse trike with a 1000cc motor and have it registered for road use! Or a tron bike!
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    I perhaps eccentrically like minimalism.

    perhaps its cos if we pursue it in the rich first world, we fund development of machines that benefit the poor most.

    which is not to say petrol bikes suck, far from it. That our leaders in OZ banned them is jaw droppingly wrong on so many counts, in oz of all places - ebike range is nothing for country folk, more so than in the usa (less arable land=bigger farms).

    I had a friction drive whipper/snipper/brush cutter 25cc 2 stroke on a crap huffy MTB as sole transport for years in sydney and it was fiddly to get right over time, but brilliant. You could conceivably scrounge the bits for $100.
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    Very true. I had a 16" with a whippy motor friction drive on the back when i was younger, good fun!
    Although if they wasnt banned there would prob end up being hoards of tuktuks driving around causing accidents. There still unreasonably banned. They are the cheapest way to get around these days! It still doesnt stop me from owning a v8 though!! Haha!
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    We used to have dangerous vehicles and safe drivers. Now we have the opposite but same road toll (which was way worse when we used horses btw).
  12. You're right we are very lucky Bastuds To be living in a time where we can build our cycles and vehicles like the Wright brothers spoken like a true genius. I'm going to steal that quote from you mate.
    Hope you don't mind Bob from Chicago. I got a friend who migrated out to Australia as well he thinks my bike is the cat's meow he loves it I think he's going to start getting into it, ways to ride BMX bikes together back in the seventies in the eighties. His name is Eric really cool dude.
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    Pretty cool, but I would like more padding on the seat and a cup holder. Much of what I know about Australia was learned from watching Lockie Leonard on Roku tubitv. From the show I see Australia borders an ocean.
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    Further, we are adults are all egocentrics, as one does.

    we adults have drivers licences and cars. kids (and the poor) dont.

    What about rural kids e.g. Its not much of a life if immobile, as reflected by drug penetration in isolated communities.

    My parents as kids and i as a kid have been there -rural i mean.

    in dads case, broken hill, its pretty bad, true OZ outback. But there is a magic river 20 miles away they used to ride to and camp. fond memories, but too hard for most kids.

    getting to town for mum was about 15km over a ridge. she admirably rode to high school, but am sure she thought twice about any trip socially.

    even the modest american designed town of griffith (same guy as canberra) i lived in, friends in the same town could be so far away as to be more trouble than worth to hang at home with.

    its sad we cant curtail our primal urges to have bigger faster everything cos we ~legally can, for now. But each idiot racer on a bush track is slowly crueling future generations chances of using a perfectly harmless modest trail mobility device - a 25cc honda on a bicycle built right could take you awesome places and not be much bother.

    Even thats overkill at 900 watts constant. 300 would do on an alloy trail bike, 150 for a hybrid electric w/ small battery. They have been banned needlessly due to lack of consideration for others. In your face mufflers. trashing grass surfaces, rude riding etc.
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