SRAM Automatix 2 speed hub with shift kit

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    KTOKTO Active Member

    I am looking for a rear coaster that will fit the 135mm rear on my frame and ran across the SRAM automatix 2 speed hub.


    I wonder how something like this would work on a shift kit bike to give better off the line power? From what I am reading it looks like this is used on some electric bikes. It would satisfy the auto transmission laws in my state if it would work.

    I searched around but didn't find anyone trying something like this. I would be willing to be a guinea pig if you think this thing would work and hold up.

  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    I thought you weren't going for a shift kit. But you succumbed, huh? Well, I don't blame you. :)

    How does the price compare to the five speed Sturmey Archer disc compatible hubs that @KCvale is using?
    How many spoke holes are in the flanges of this hub?

    I don't personally think anyone is going to be looking that closely into your rear hub that they would know if it complies to the letter with the auto transmission law or differs at all from the S.A..

    KTOKTO Active Member

    Still up in the air on the shift kit ;) I'm just entranced by these new nifty shifting hubs hat are out there :)
  4. Demo_Ricky-Bobby

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    I am also planing on doin the sytle of hub
    But i plan on useing the sturmey archer 5 speed
    I will work iv done alot of homework on these hubs
    My thing is that i want to find one already on a wheel to save some head pains if u know wat i mean
    But it very well will work
    And it will hold up a million times better then using a cassette style rear hub