SS-X Schwinn Blackout Edition cruiser. First build pics

Here is my Schwinn SSX cruiser I picked out for my first build. Still waiting for my kit to come but so far I've upgraded the bike with a rear rack and a headlight, both in matching black of course. I already love riding this bike and can't wait to put the engine on.


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That's a beauty of a bike! I looked at one last week at my local Schwinn dealer, and almost pulled the trigger. The lack of V-brakes kept me from doing so.
Fortunately in Australia Schwinn have to sell their bikes with 2 brakes so we get front v-brakes and either rear v-brakes or coaster brakes. The coaster brake is such a pain and about 50 years past its use by date. That is a nice bike and could probably take springer forks. Some springer forks have bosses on them for v-brakes.
Nice bike but no front brake. My Schwinn's coaster brake slows me down but won't stop the bike but it has front V-brakes as well although they aren't crash hot either. I reckon you could get a black front fork with shockers & a disc brake maybe without spoiling its clean look. Handlebars without brake levers look really weird to me. It looks like it will take a motor nicely though.
thanks for all the feedback guys. Yes, I am strongly considering the other brakes just anxious to build and low on funds. I had surgery earlier today so the pics will be up some time later this week.
I also really like this bike, and considered it myself, but the lack of v-brakes kept me from buying it too.
my new CA-520 is in the mail right now, I am excited. I bet you can hardly wait to get your engine on.