ST frustration!

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    Spooky Tooth is actually up for sale.
    All of those who were subscribed to there newsletter received this a day ago:

    ...Spooky Tooth Cycles is for sale...

    Hi, this is Roland, owner and founder of Spooky Tooth Cycles. After 7 years of innovation and growth, I feel that my time is complete as manager of one of the most unique businesses I have ever known. I have loved all the time and stories people have shared through the years. Spooky Tooth promotes environmental responsibility and strives to remain at the forefront of motorized bicycling for both inventiveness and customer support. I am leaving the business highly profitable and in good standing. My wish is to hand Spooky Tooth to someone willing to continue the exploration of motorized bicycling technology.

    My requests are minimal and might be seen as a great value to someone with a little business savvy. I would like to simply pull out the equity that has been invested in the business.

    Our current assets include:

    *, a profitable, established website appraised at $30,000
    * Current inventory retailing at $75,513 or $37,756 wholesale
    * Office computers - $1100
    * Machine Tools - $246 0
    * Business and office solutions - $4550
    * Established Wholesale Accounts
    * Robin Subaru EHO35 Timing Belt Transfer Case Prototype and Design Drawings - $25,000
    * Information Products, specifically a set of "How-to" instructional e-docs that describe building, maintenance, and customization procedures

    The combined asking price for all of the above is $75,000.

    We are a 99% web based business with excellent organic search rankings. Aside from minimal paid promotion on the motorized bicycle forums, we do not spend any money on search engine advertising.

    If you or someone you know is interested in all or part of the above mentioned assets, please reply back to this email.

    For a retrospective picture gallery of our last 7 years including the Electric Bicycle Rental in Bisbee, AZ, click here.

    Thank you for supporting our efforts in transportation. Ride safe.

    Cheers, Roland

    Spooky Tooth Cycles
    1 Cochise Row
    Bisbee, AZ 85603

    **** shame
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    Hi LeroyBrown

    Roland of Spooky Tooth always did right by me and is an honest and straight dealer. I wish him well. I hope your frustration winds down with all the many other options open to you. You still have your money in your pocket. (Real frustration is when you give someone lots of money and sign a legal contract to deliver, except they never deliver. For entertaining reading, see RipOffReport(dot)com.) Dealers here are almost all above questioning.
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    They are dropping like flies....

    Someone buy something quick before someone else falls
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    i just put a order in to piston bikes so i did my part
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    I guess frustration is not the right word - disappointment is. I've just had my eye on that bike for quite a while.

    I am not able to access the site. Anybody else having any luck?

    What are some of the other main dealers that sell DIY kits ?