St. Louis Ride and Swap Meet

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  1. prof fate

    prof fate New Member

    Sunday July 26, 2009 12:00 Forest Park upper Muny parking lot

    Please plan on attending the first ever (and hopefully annual)
    Motorized Bike Ride of St. Louis
    This is a every low key and disorganized :jester:get together for those of us that enjoy building and riding motorized bikes. Friction drive, center mount, push, home made or electric, all are welcome. Please bring along all the bits and pieces that you have lying around your garage, as that useless paperweight you have may be the pivotal part of another's project.
    The ride's route is yet to be determined. The present plan is to pick a mutually agreeable destination to grab a burger and adult beverage for those of us over 21. Speaking of which, this hobby brings in all age groups. If you enjoy riding or tinkering with motorized bikes, you are invited to attend. Helmets are highly recommended.:helmet:
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  2. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    You folks oughta buzz the cameras at the All Star game next week, wave so we can see you.
  3. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Great idea!. I'll see you there! I'll be offering my vintage, newly rebuilt Big Bug engine for sale at the get together. I'll have to bring a flier and pictures however. I'll be riding my other bike. It's a shame you can only ride one at a time. Only downside of owning more than one!
    Anyone from STL interested in the Bike Bug before the meet, pm me.
  4. prof fate

    prof fate New Member

    Whew. I'm glad your bringing a bike for sale cause I kinda fibbed when I posted the event on St. Louis craigslist and said that there might be bike for sale. We have 6 confirmed as of now and with craigslist should get a few extra people wandering in. We have another 6 that asked for a Fall ride so they can attend. It's snowballing. Wahoo
  5. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Well you're still in trouble. I'm only bringing pictures! I can only ride one bike there, and I don't have a rack for it.
  6. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    A friend of mine imports a folding electric bike called the Bolt. He said he's come with an extra one for people to test ride.
  7. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    Woot - I'm totally in on this. I'll try and bring a bag of odds and ends, too. I wrecked my nice bike and bent up the fork beyond repair, but I got a beater running tonight with some spare parts, so I'll probably show up with some abomination of a motorbike and leave any sense of fashionable riding behind. Rock out with your helmet out!
  8. caprirs302

    caprirs302 New Member

    I live in north county, so riding there is a bit out of the question, but if I can find a truck I will certainly join you guys.

    Has anyone tried to take their bike on Metrolink?
  9. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    This abomination is shaping up quite nicely - I may swap out my 36T sprocket and go back to the 44T since I'm using my crumby engine with no torque, but I'm entirely too excited about this meetup to miss it for a minor performance issue.


    Caprirs- I just throw my bikes on a strap-on bike rack on the back of my hatchback. Unless you're running a seriously heavy bike, the same ought to work for you. If you're running a remarkably light bike, I may be able to pick you and your ride up along with my own. Of course, if anybody has a truck, that'd be a better idea.
  10. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    See you all this Sunday, noon at the upper Muny lot!!!
    Sunday July 26, 2009 12:00 Forest Park upper Muny parking lot
    Top posting this for Sunday.
  11. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    Props to all who attended! I think this event had a better turnout than expected, and we'll have to do it again in the not-so-distant future. Those of us who made it down got to see a wide spectrum of motored bikes (and a wide spectrum of riders), and I have to say, this meetup has helped rekindle my enthusiasm for making bikes go faster than they should. Keep an eye out for another meet and ride event... the next one may involve BBQ and a beer cooler if I've got anything to say about it. Thanks to Prof. Fate for organizing the first of many to come!
  12. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    very cool.... any pics?
  13. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Yes, thanks to Prof. Fate. I think it was a good turnout. However, I was short on time and could not stay long enough to really get more involved. Next time, I'll clear my afternoon for the event. Thanks again for organizing and following through. I was supposed to bring pictures of my vintage Bike Bug to sell, but I sold it the weekend prior to the event. That lot was a great place to show our bikes off, but we need a shady spot next time.
  14. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    I brought a camera, but I was too busy riding, gawking, and talking to take any pics. I'm such a loser... Next time!
  15. smokindawg

    smokindawg New Member

    I'm in the process of building my bike and live a couple hours from St. Louis, so I'll be in for the next one....... If my bike is finished.
  16. prof fate

    prof fate New Member

    Event Recap

    Pictures! D-oh. That would have been a good idea.
    BBQ? Good idea.
    Beverages? Brilliant!
    Setting up in a shady corner with lawn chairs? A next time must. Acres of sun baked asphalt tends to get a bit warm.

    Thanks to all that made it. We had a great turn out for a first ever event. Ten bikes and fourteen folks plus a couple peddle folks that stopped by after seeing it on craigslist that I think may be converts.

    I missed a few folks because I showed up about an hour late due to mechanical problems (what?) from my Saturday afternoon ride. I was faced with a tough discussion, show up on time bikeless or late with a working bike. I went for late. My rear tire, probably original to my craigslist 10 year old bike, developed a bulge on the sidewall while out on a ride. The bulge grew to comic book size and started hitting the drive chain which put side stress on my homemade spring loaded chain tensioner till it exploded. So I spent Sunday morning replacing the tires and trying to see if I could build a tensioner with what I had lying around. The rushed fix looked alright but didn’t really work. My bike didn’t log a half a mile on the parking lot. So, I was late and bikeless. Ha.:whistling: I went Monday and bought a half-link for my 41 Granger chain and have joined the tensioner free club. :tt1:

    Everybody had a good time and we will be doing it again soon. The best comment came from Jeff, a long time Harley rider, who said that this was better than a Harley Rally because at those nobody talks to each other and everybody stands around trying to look like a bad ***.

    *For anybody out there thinking “I wish someone would do that in my city.” I saw a fantastic bit of advice from "spunout" concerning that very problem. YOU DO IT! I took that advice and it works! Spend an hour searching your city and state on this and other forums, another sending out emails, a post on Craigslist and TADA! You have an event.
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  17. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Hey Prof,

    Article in todays St Louis Paper, might want to give him an invite to your shindig:

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