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    ---These things respond well to any bigger carby other then the athesmatic 50cc NT with the round black filter box found in most 66-80cc kits. But Skyhawk delivers well with proper carbys.
    CNS has issues, looks cool. the "NT speed" supplied with most skywawk is cheap to buy aftermarket, effective, simple but bigger and lil more tunable and way too easy to install.(as always, seal well at the carby to manifold join with teflon tape)

    --Clean up the inside of your intake manifold IF NEED BE.(take it off first kids)
    Theres good ones and bad ones supplied with generic kits, youll know if you got a good one- looks like a proper tube on the inside, but youll know more if its bad- the inside edges are rough, sharp and blocking the inner tube a bit.

    ---Stock gearing (44 - 50 T rear) is over-rev junk with very low speed torque gains.
    36 is good streetable with a bit of pace but could go less teeth for more fun, but a bit more semi-peddeling.

    --- A bit of cutting and/or drilling on the outlet tube of the stock muffler baffle also helps increase rev range- just dont open the final exit diamiter and back preasuure should be OK.
    It takes way to much cutting and drilling to make it proper loud but make sure you start small, Start your cutting at the top 1/3 and your hole drilling at the bottom 1/3 and do a bit at a time inwards( test riding for noise levels after one hole drilled or one minor chop) untill your satisfied. apply locktite to the baffle fastning screw.. she revs more now.

    --- Simply make your spark plug lead as short as it can be.

    - ps - You cant have to big an air filter performance wise -but you can have to small, replace it with one with more breathing area if you want but make sure its foam, wire mesh filters are dirt/water vacums.

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    The wire mesh/cotton cloth filters are as badly made as everything else is for these motors. They make these nice, big pleats then fold them so tight theres no room for air to go in. The pleats for the most part are closed off and almost no air gets through. The filter wire is folded for strength but the very folding blocks free air flow. The folds need to not be so deep that when formed into a filter the don't block each other. You can look at a filter and see what I'm saying is true. The stock CNS filter seems to be the worse offender in this respect.

    I got this from a Circle Track magazine artical on Hi-Performance filters for raceing. Problem is there isn't much choice. K&N re-engineered their gokart filters, I'm hopeing one of those is correctly made:ack2:

    Now, the only problem with gearing up is the speed you can get up to. Fast enough to draw the attention of police. Not a smart move. It's the speeding thing more than anything else that will be the major downfall of MB's. I'm geared low, real low, 56 tooth rear gear but I also have 28" tires and I don't have all week to wait for the bike to catch up with the gear. I also have a LOT of hills here to climb to get across town and back and as it is my bike accellerates up these hills with no struggle at all.
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