Stage III Gearbox

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Barry, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Barry

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    Can anyone give me the straight skinny on this gearbox? The vendor shows the gearbox with a centrifugal clutch but, it also comes with "an engager cable if a wet clutch is desired"?
    So, what's the deal? Can it operate like a motorcycle clutch or what?
    Any replies on how this set-up operates would be most welcomed.

  2. MotoMagz

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    Hey Barry,You can just rig up the engager cable so that it is engaged all the time.The engager is a bad design(imagine that!)If you are idling to high and you pull the lever the teeth on the gears won't like it.With it engaged all of the time you just give it gas and go.I had the II and ran it packed with grease and a few drops of oil to thinned it out a bit.They make a whinning sound and get a little hot after a long ride but I never had a problem with it.The III is sealed for fluids and the II was not thats the only difference.
  3. JackShaft

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    Clean all the grease out. Start with 2 oz auto trans fluid. Run the bike then drain, clean out grease then refill with 2-3 oz auto trans fluid. While its apart sand the inside of clutch drum with 80 grit at a 45 degree angle. To stop the bell clanking noise take the splined part that fits into the clutch drum out and insert it in from the inside of the drum. File the part that sticks out of the clutch drum flush. I am posting from memory as I can't find my original post on this subject. Lock the engager and get a kick stand that will hold the rear tire off the ground.