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Sep 11, 2021
I just bought this chain. Its fairly pricy but living on the coast chain rust is an issue. I have waxed my chains in hot parafin. That helps
but fails after awhile. This will make two chains for my Minarelli hybrids. Im fond of the 41 size chain.

Living on a sand/gravel road I have found there is less chain/sprocket wear running the chains dry. Lubed they are a sand magnet. Interested to see how this goes. Well worth the money to me if it works out.

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Got the stainless chain cut and installed. Looks great but thats not the point. Hopefully its rust free. Its non magnetic
so thats a good sign. I like the 41 as its a tad wider than the 415 which makes the inevitable run out less critical. Will run the other on the Athena Minarelli. Compared to the cheap 415 its pricey, but not a bank breaker at $28 a chain.


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