Stainless steel gas tank because I'm tired of rust and holes in the tank-torn off studs.

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    I always had rust in my tank and it would make it's way through the filter and into the carb. The mounting studs got torn off a few times and it was a pain to weld that cheezy tank back together. So I made a new one! The cap even has a three level trap with spiral labyrinths on the first two levels. It doesn't leak on bumby roads at all! 2.0 liters exactly.

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    Nice job! I line the inside of my tanks and have no problem.
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    Thanks! I wanted something that looked nice too. I was really tired of the stock gas tank and the way it looks. Plus I had the posts tear a bit at the tank and caused it to leak. I will never ever weld a tank to bolts. The only way I will hold it on is with a wrap around clamp thingy. I do lots of jumping and racing on bad roads and off-road. Those stock tanks don't like it and I had to weld shut the cracks around the place where the bolts are joined to the wall of the tank several times already. Like they say, the moment had ripened...
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