Stanton or GEBE for 49cc 4 stroke honda?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Tifford, May 9, 2008.

  1. Tifford

    Tifford New Member

    Can you guys talk about the pros and cons of the Staton chain drive vs the GEBE system.

    I really want to use a Honda 49cc four stroke engine and I noticed that the gebe site doesn't offer the honda engine.

    I have owned a few honda engines in my time and I think that honda engines are some of the best if not the best and so that is the reason to sticking with the honda. I am open minded (as to other engines) if you can convince me.


  2. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Personally I would go with the GEBE system..

    Its belt drive so theres not the issue of chain problems - like locking up the transmission at 30mph plus... and its clean and quiet..

    The GEBE system sans engine will support 52 or 76mm clutches which means a large variety of engines.

    I have had two GEBE based bikes and the only reason I would build something based on another system would be curiousity.

    I will say however that a 49cc engine would be rather quick using either of these systems - my 32cc GEBE 2-stroke happily hits 30+ so what it would do with a 49cc engine I dread to think..

    good luck

    Jemma xx
  3. kerf

    kerf Guest

    I haven't owned a GEBE but I have a Staton, so for my opinion. Staton is more expensive and heaver than GEBE but is more robust. Everything is super heavy duty and the chain drive is stronger. But one of my biggest issues is the Staton freewheel on the engine drive, which allows coasting and peddling with zero drive train drag.
  4. ocscully

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    I've read in other threads/posts over on the rack-mount area that attempts to mate the Honda GXH50 up to the GEBE power take off housing have been less than successful. The Honda will require an additional adapter to make the GEBE Drive fit. Staton has all the parts necessary to make their system work with the Honda motor. GEBE sells the Subaru/Robin as their 4-stroke option and from the things I've read they seem to have a reputation that is equal to or better than the Honda, but the largest available is only 35cc.

  5. Tifford

    Tifford New Member

    Thanks for the info so far. The GEBE system looks so simple. The downside looks like it doesn't handle much TQ and limited engine choice.

    The Stanton system looks like it will handle just about anything you can throw at it but is more complex.

    Keep those replies coming.
  6. kerf

    kerf Guest

    For me it would boil down to engine and the Staton freewheel. I went with a HP two cycle but the Honda would be a better choice. It has enough torque to pull hills and still reach a respectable top end. I'm running a 16 tooth sprocket on mine, driving the 16 tooth freewheel on the rear hub. My engine doesn't really get into the torque curve until 7K, which is about 30 mph. The Honda reaches max torque about 4500 - 5000, making it much better on hills.
  7. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    You may also want to consider the new Titan rack mount system from This system has a 50cc 4-stroke Titan engine that looks very similar to the Honda and its clones yet is also said to be quite different? It has a higher claimed max rpm 8500rpm than the Honda 7800rpm. The early reviews by folks that have bought and installed them have nothing but good things to say about the set-up. The system is also quite a bit less $ than the GEBE and Staton kits.

  8. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I've never owned a GEBE but from what I've gathered over my time at MBc is that both systems are excellent but each system is better at specific types of riding. I have a Staton kit with only 150mi on it so far.
    The GEBE is more fuel efficient and lightweight making it excellent for flatter terrain and easy (on the throttle) riding. People have had issues with broken spokes, belts and motor mounts though, but usually only from rough riding or extremely prolonged use (thousands and thousands of miles).
    The Staton kit really shines as a workhorse and hillclimber. All their hardware and components are top notch. Their gearbox is guaranteed for life from failure and I really like the fact that the engine drive is freewheeling making pedaling un-powered fairly easy. Statons only real drawback is the weight and size of the system.
    If you use the Honda 50cc engine on a rack-mounted setup be prepared to improvise or buy a different muffler that will direct the exhaust to the side or down and behind you. If thats an issue get the DAX titan which has the exhaust facing backwards and engine totally centered rather than off to the right of the rack.
    Hope this helps, whatever system you choose motoredbiking totally ROCKS and you won't be disappointed, especially if you know enough to get a quality kit and not the absolute cheapest one out there.