Stares and glares: Driving through towns & cities & your experiences.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Watcher05, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Watcher05

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    Hey all,

    Thought I'd start a thread about riding your motored bike through towns & cities and how the locals react. Do they turn their heads or do motorists just go by like you weren't even there?

    Since I've been riding mind and mainly going out along the outskirts of town, I still get some really weird looks. Some people stretch their necks to see what I'm riding. They must be thinking: wow, that guy on that pushy is really going fast (fast for a pushbike that is). Hang on, its making a noise. Oh, its got a motor in it. Wonder how he did that?? Others don't give me a second glance, and that's the way I like it but these bikes are going to attract attention, because of the noise and of cause they're not that common I suppose.

    But how do other people go when they're riding their bikes through town? Do you ride it down city streets and through traffic lights etc, or do you keep to the outer skirts? And have any of you (especially those in Australia) had any attention from the police and what was their reaction like?

    I think I read a thread somewhere on here that there were sightings of motored bikes in the Sydney CBD? Now that would certainly attract some attention (maybe not).

    So, any feedback would be good and please share your experiences. Would be helpful for the people who've just started out in this hobby. :shock:

    Thanks heaps - Lyall :grin:
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  2. Torques

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    Whenever I ride my prototype, I get questions, comments or stares. One, or all three are guaranteed EVERY time I go out on it. Even my orange Glide Deluxe gets the same treatment.
  3. Kids are the best cause they're not afraid to just jump right out there and say "WOAH THAT'S THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!"
    I get stares every day.
    If I had a nickel for every stare I can build me another motoredbike.
    I just keep my attitude cool,though. On bike trails when a jogger,roadie or dog walker..especially dog walkers..are in my sights I shut her down and pedal. A lady even thanked me for doing this while holding her dog.
    Remember your common courtesy with this hobby will go far.
    Best stare ~ Three Harley riders at a light. I was crossing the street engine powered. All three of them honked their horns. I gave them the nod. They nodded back.
    It was spectacular.
  4. JemmaUK

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    I have had a few odd looks which tends to be teen girls mostly.

    Guys usually either stare open-mouthed, one to the point of almost impaling an eyeball on my handlebars (he was in a passing car).

    Other than that I have had a few older guys coming up and telling me they remember the cyclemotors the first time round lol.

    I think I most enjoy buzzing up the cycle-lanes at 25-30mph passing the £40k BMW's and such stuck in traffic jams :D

    I had a guy trying to take photos of the bike the other day lol and spent 20 minutes talking to a young guy who commutes by bike who was very interested in it...

    I haven't had any problems or trouble with anyone so far :)

    Jemma xx
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  5. kerf

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    I've noticed people turning their heads when I ride by. I thought it was because of the cool bike, my wife thinks it's because I'm so ugly. Thank God for a good woman.
  6. Torques

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    Have you ever thought of building bikes for people to make a little money on the side? Had you said they were illegal over there?
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  7. wavygravy

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    im an old motorcyclist now converted to motoredbikes, i had so much fun the other day down our road to the beach & there was a bunch of yuppie bikers parked on there shiny new cruisers & shiny leathers. they all looked up when i came over the hill & watched me comeing, they were all giveing me the thumbs up & so i pull up & say get a real bike boys!the reaction was hilarious lol! im laughing my b-tt off then i start to take off ,they stop me & they want to check out the old higgins. i must have been there 45 minutes answering question ect. it was funny!
  8. eltatertoto

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    cant wait for that one! tons of biker bars in downtown hobart (where i live) and i plan to get some stairs but on the same street is the popo should be fun....but to awwnser ur question, i usually ride in the outskirts.less people less brakes :grin:
  9. I get thumbs up from 2 strokers, weird looks from kids who don't know whether to laugh or what. I get lots of questions from people who want a cheap (and much faster) alternative to taking the bus and sitting in traffic during rush-hour. I've never been bothered by cops (knocks on wood).
  10. DougC

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    Mine looks pretty much like an antique motorcycle. In the two times I had it out during warm weather, I saw a lot of motorcyclers rubbernecking, looking at it. And that was before it was painted; now it's all navy-blue with white tires.

    As for what anyone else thinks, I haven't noticed, but I ride a recumbent bike normally. I'm used to people stopping and staring.
  11. fetor56

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    I mainly ride on the road and when that gets too "hot" to handle with the traffic i go on either the footpath or bicycle tracks,or backstreets.The cops have never been a problem and the ONLY time they took a second glance was cos i was distracted earlier by a groopie and was wearing a cap instead of a bicycle helmet.
  12. lobsterboyx

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    whenever i ride my whizzer - people always ask me what it is, they think its some kind of vintage motorbike. a few people say "say! i remeber those from the 40s and 50s, where on earth did you find it" i tell them in hopes that they will get one

    when my parents first bought my house in the early 70s, the neighborhood was just a neighborhood, within the last 20 years, there has been an influx of new people moving in to the neighborhood - seemingly they dont like my collection of vintage cars, nor do they like the sound of an un-corked whizzer flying around the hood. one neighbor one day stopped me, a very unlikely person to stop me, i was getting ready for a complaint...

    "you have to tell me where you got this thing" we were talking for awhile and i told him if he wanted to give it a try id be more than happy to let him have a go. sure enough he got on my bike with all his fancy clothes, his hat, and shawl (i dont know what its called, but im pretty sure its reserved for religious events only) and took off. he came back and loved it, i gave him all the info he needed to find one and i think that he is getting one soon.

    motor bikes make friends!
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  13. cooltoy

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    Just today I was out and some guy told me that he has been trying "to catch me" since December. He loved my bike and brought me over to his place to show me his old 1970s Italian moped (in his living room) and invited me over for dinner one day.
    So has anyone ever been pulled over and charged?
  14. anyhow I'm in New Orleans which is a city full of morons who like to randomly honk at you when your on your bike and yell stuff. Yeah, like I'm really gonna turn around and look at you when you honk - I'm going 25mph on a freaking bicycle!

    Generally NO is a pretty good city to ride in tho. I get a lot of positive reactions from people and the cops more or less leave me alone.
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  15. It's called a Tallis, actually a lot of orthodox jews wear them all the time...

    Great to hear you got someone else hooked of motorized bicycles.

    It's funny that you said that motor bikes make friends, I agree.

    These city workers stopped next to me the other day,
    and they were very excited to see my ride.
    They wanted to know if I would make them one too.
    I referred them here....
    As well, I went to a garage sale the other day, and I was surrounded by folks who asked me a million questions.

    I should have a flyer to handout or something.
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  16. That's what we need dawgs.
    Business cards.....mmmm..
    Make a little business card holder on your bike
    Load it up when you park your bike.
  17. Scottm

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    A guy in a pick up today with the windows rolled down tried to start a conversation at a stop light and no body behind us honked when the lite went green. Driving thru town in a car with the windows rolled up and radio on, you miss all the side streets and new friends to be had. I make friends everywhere i go. My favorite though, are the guys all decked out on their crotch rockets pulling double takes.
    I had my bike on the back of my car one day and was filling up at the gas station and was in a hurry. Some guy came over and asked every possible question. The party i was to meet understood my delay (fellow motorbiker)

    This was one of the best days of my life and would have been possible with out motorbikes or MBc.
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  18. gone_fishin

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    i'm always being stopped, followed, waved at, & "saluted"...almost every day, sometimes all's a way of all the stories, thanks :)

    next time you ask Tom for stickers, get extra logo-squares...they fit in my wallet just fine & save tons of time :cool:
  19. fetor56

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    That's a good point...i'm always pointing to my tank with MBc stickers on it and saying "go there,that'll answer all the rest of your unanswered questions"
  20. SirJakesus

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    One of the days I was testing out my Stingray right down the road from my house this huge jacked pickup drives by real slow (25ish) with a guy hanging half torso out the passenger window staring at me in awe. All I could do was smile. Everybody I actually run into say in a questioning way "thats a bike?"
    The guys love it at the local bar too, makes a good conversation piece when we're all outside smoking ciggies.