Starfire GT 4 wont start

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mynsbgr, Aug 29, 2009.

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    Hi, I just got my bike mounted with a Starfire GT 4 and it worked great for the first 2 weeks but on a ride yesterday it just quit on me. It sounded like it ran out of gas but I have a full tank. I took off the carby and it was fine, full of gas and the float and seal seemed to be ok. Any other suggestions on why it stopped?

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    Next thing to check is spark.
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    Tried to post this earlier and it seemed the site had problems...So here I go.

    Same thing happened to me in just 3 days. Found the problem in less then 5 minutes....was the coil..$10.00

    No spark..testing procedures

    Same thing happened to mine. Remove plug
    1) Like said check spark using plug, if none I use my finger (redneck test). if none >>>>>
    2) Open coil cover up and look for short especially white wire if ok >>>>
    3) Check other wires for short all the way to CDI if ok >>>>
    4) Disconect both coil wires. Lift bike, spin rear tire while using a meter or test light to see if coil is putting out (white wire to ground) (7.5 VDC) if none replace coil about $10.00..If voltage..>>>>
    5) If kill switch is connected then disconnect. >>>>
    6) If kill switch was connected then repeat starting at step (4) >>> then onto (6)
    6) Voltage from coil, no shorts, no kill switch connected remove coil wire from CDI (it is twisted onto a screw) and check for spark (this wire needs to be replaced's c**p). If you have VDC replace wire if not replace CDI.
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    Sounds duh, but..
    Make sure the small wires from the engine to the cdi havent come too close to the exhaust and melted/shorted out to it. Happened to me! Drove me nuts for about 15 mins. Then I realized it, smacked myself in the forehead for forgetting to ziptie them to the frame. Off I went.
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    Just to be sure, chech the flow out of the gas valve. It should drain the tank in about 2 minuits.