Starfire GT4 66cc engine pullstart?

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  2. Thats a good lookin engine. I have the Starfire Gen II and I love it. I dont know where to get a pull start from, but I have read they dont last very long. Im sure you can find posts on them here....

    How much was that engine/kit? I looked on their site and saw $377.00 US.....
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    The other day talked on the phone with Livefast motors, they sell the pull starts and did not recommend them. They stated they do not last very well!!!! I did not order it.
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    I want to get a Gen II with cast iron sleeve and updated carb. Where did you get it, and how much did it cost? They are nowhere to be found on eBay, or here in the vendor forum.

    No doubt it must cost more than the
    kits on eBay with the catalytic muffler, cast iron sleeve, and better carb - but I think it would be worth some extra money.
  5. I bought it the beginning of the year on Ebay from a vendor that was closing his doors. I wish I would have bought more, but being my first engine I was leary of spending $125.00 shipped....I dont see them anywhere either...
    These engines LOOK the same but $377.00 plus shipping? FORGET IT..............
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  6. I got a pull start from boy go fast off ebay,but didnt use it on this bike,or the boost bottle or the chrome springer fork i coulda saved alot of $$$$$$$$$ might use on the next project. It was 32 bucks with shipping for pull start
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    The grubee web site is confusing. Some pages say that the two strokes are NLA here in the US because of the 2006 ban. Yet, the skyhawk page lists the Gen II and Gen IIa as being 2008 EPA compliant with the black catalytic converter equipped muffler. A HT engine with a durable cast iron sleeve, and better quality fit/finish/hardware would be worth quite a bit more IMO. $200 bucks wouldn't be unreasonable.