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    Alright, here's the deal.

    All ready to fire up the Whizzer after a year of work. Motor all re and re'd by Quenton but has been sitting since the spring when he finished it.

    The engine seems to flood easily.

    It starts nearly right away (no matter how hard I pedal it seems to catch best at the end of the revolution, the harder I pedal the less it fires)
    It idles as though it is firing every second revolution.
    If I try to give it a bit of throttle it stalls.
    If I try to feather the choke it stalls.

    Then it won't start but will sputter at the end of the pedaling.

    If I let it sit it will start again but I can't get it to idle.

    I am at sea level (does it matter?) and it was about 75'F today.

    Thanks for your help guys.


  2. fm2200

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    Sounds like a stuck float in the carb, check that first.
  3. MaxGlide

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    Makes sense..... when I first turned on the flow to the carb, the fuel whizzed out the overflow on the carb. I followed the advice from here and tapped it lightly and that stopped the leak. I'll check out the float.

    Thanks.... Wayne
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    Message for Quenton

    HI Quenton,

    I tried to return your pm but it said your limit had been exceeded. You must have lots of us bugging you.... here is what I pm'd you.
    Hi Quenton,

    I have the J motor with the Carter carburetor that you had over the winter and did a rebuild on.

    You put the electronic ignition in and it seems to have a strong spark (at least I got one heck of a shock when I held the lead and cranked the pedal!)

    Did you have it running after you did all the work and if yes how did it run then?

    You sent me the motor back in the spring and it sat on its side for a bit then upright for a month or so, the whole time with no fuel in it.

    Yesterday, it sputtered away for about a minute but never increased in rpm's no matter how much throttle I gave it.

    As far as replacing the plug once it is flooded, do you mean a new plug every time or taking it out and drying it and putting it back in?

    I will try the wire reversal and the float thing but am very interested in how it ran after you did the work.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Vancouver, Canada
  5. MaxGlide

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    Figured it out!

    Well on a whim I took off the air filter and tested the air flow and it seemed to not be flowing freely.

    Crank her up and she ran immediately, idling beautifully.

    Got on her and rode her around the block, checked a few things. Started her up again and rode her about two, three miles.

    Now I need to do more tuning to get her really purring but everything seemed fine, No belts slipping/screaming, pulled me up a very steep hill with only a few strokes of the pedals.

    Quenton says compression will increase as it breaks in and she'll run better and better.

    What would be the best way to clean the air filter?

    Will post picks soon.

    Thanks all for your help.
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    My 49J runs bad with the air filter on & great when I take it off. For now, I'm just riding without it. Filter must restrict the air flow too much. I never had to use the choke to start it until I removed the filter so it must restrict it a lot.

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  7. MaxGlide

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    Beautiful bike!

    What a beautiful bike.... I will have my pics of my complete rebuild on soon.

    I wonder how it will affect the motor running without it?