Start up procedure



Please post your start up procedure and the kind of engine you are running.

I have a 80cc chinese model.

Start up procedure:
turn the fuel valve to on
push the tickler
count to 6 or 8, let up on the tickler before it weeps gas
pull the clutch lever in
pedal four strokes
release clutch
open throttle half way, more or less
keep pedaling till it starts
close choke while under way
let it run and warm up a bit at low throttle
then give it full throttle.
Dax 70 CC

Basically the same as you but I have never used the tickler...

I have a dax 70...
open petcock
push tickler a couple times (very quickly)
pedal down street about 100 ft
pop clutch
open throttle a little and give a little more as she fires up
by the end of my street (9 houses), it's good to go
I never have to use the choke (I think it's because it's so darn hot here...desert)
Grubee 48cc roundhead

*cold start,
1/2 choke (full in winter)
no tickle
3 or 4 pedal cranks
pop clutch / full throttle
open choke as engine warms
ride gently for a few blocks

*warm start...
push off with my feet
pop clutch
grin :D
ride away :cool:
Turn on fuel valve
Peddle about 5 or 6 times
Drop the clutch and turn the throttle a little until it sounds like it's catching (usually about a second, maybe 3 on the outside)
Pull in the clutch, let it idle while I peddle for about 10 seconds or so
Drop the clutch and power away for the next 20-30 miles

I live about 4 miles, and maybe 100 feet, above the ocean.
turn on gas, peddle 7-10 mph, pop clutch, feather gas lightly. it takes a block to be running strong. i never use choak. i never use tickler. i think i might be running a little rich but havent had trouble with fouled plugs so i leave it alone. i always peddle unless coming to a stop. havent road in cold weather yet.
Well frist I get about 6 red and white roses and dinner res.......Oh the bike ok thats easier, turn on the fuel and peddle for about 25 feet pop the clutch and motor light untill she's warm and WOT!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
(49cc Howell motor from Dax)
turn on the fuel
pedal up to about 6 MPH
pop the clutch
wait until the engine catches some fuel
I never have to mess with the choke.
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"Happy Time" 49cc 4-stroke:

  1. Open fuel valve on tank
  2. Flip choke lever to right
  3. Pull starter cord once or twice
  4. Flip choke lever to left

It'd be a good idea to pedal up to around 5 mph before hitting the throttle...otherwise, you get a ton of nasty vibration as the clutch repeatedly engages and disengages. (Hopefully, my 3-piece bottom bracket conversion will arrive today so I can use the pedals on my bike again.)
my cheaper China 80cc 2 stroke..

1: turn on fuel pet-cock
2: full choke on
3: pedal up to 7 mph
4: pop the clutch
5: reach down (suicidal) and turn off choke
6: pedal a little more while easily revvin'
7: 1 block later she's good to go