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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by braehl, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Last night I finished assembling my engine on my bike. It says its an 80cc engine. Anyways, last night I got it started with quite a bit of pedaling, 10-15 minutes. Once I adjusted the choke properly it ran just fine. I then realized that the petcock valve was leaking so I dumped all the gas out of the tank and line. I resolved that problem with plumbers teflon tape this morning, but now the engine won't fire. It growls and growls like it wants to stay on but it won't. As soon as I stop pedaling or pull the clutch in it stops growling and won't stay on. All my wires are tight and I fiddled with the choke too. I can see fuel running into the carb and being used. Any suggestions for essentially a first time start up...perhaps any after market products that would help start the engine easier?

  2. Hold down the tickler button. Does gas drip out?

    Did you install a fuel filter in your gas line?
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    have you changed the needel clip in the carb yet, in the carb ther is a meetering rod you may want to move it down one spot up or down ps dont lose the clip i did not fun
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    Where am I looking for gas to drip out of?
  5. I'm not exactly sure where but you will see the gas dripping out. Essentially when you push that plunger,your pushing down the float. That opens up the valve allowing gas to flow. When your float bowl overfills,gas pours out.
    If gas does not pour out something is clogged in the valve and needs to be cleaned out.
    No gas - no start.
    If gas flows out okay then your next thing to look at is spark,but you say it wants to start so my guess is your gas isn't flowing right.
    Give it about 2 minutes holding down the button. If gas flows out then it runs for only a minute then stops,you have a clog within your brass line.
    Oh and forget after-market starting fluids and what not. You don't need it.
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    Apply full throttle when trying to start the engine. Don't worry about starting fluid, just use WD-40. Spray some into the air filter (not too much though).

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    Got it started, it just needed some lovin' thanks!
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    Sounds like spark to me, the engine makes that noise even with the spark plug not plugged into its little black lead. Rode like 10 mins with those symptoms before I looked down and saw my mate hadnt plugged it back in. The noise still sounds like the engine is on but it actually isnt.