Started my first build last night


Local time
6:06 PM
May 9, 2008
Mesa, AZ
I started my first build last night.

I'm using a Tiger "Grade A" HT engine from Jim at LiveFast motors. This will be installed on an older aluminum Fuji 21 speed MTB. I have some ideas regarding engine mounting that will be pretty unique I think.

Last night, I got the sprocket fastened to the rear wheel and started measuring for the engine mounts. Those will get started tonight.

Since the tubes on my bike are aluminum and pretty thin, I'll be fabricating two clamshell steel sleeves to solidly mount some custom made engine mounts to the upright post and front tube on my frame. Between the custom engine mounts and the engine, I'll be making some rubber engine mounts to help reduce vibration (and hopefully keep the bike in one piece longer). I'll be cutting up some old tires I have in the backyard to make these mounts. The rubber mounts will be approx 1/2" thick and will fasten between the engine block and the frame mounts.

Do you guys think I'll have any problems with too much heat in this area? I dont want to melt the rubber mounts I make. If so, I can move the rubber mounts closer to the frame of the bike in my custom engine mounts.