Started my first build today!

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    ​Well, Fed-Ex dropped of my Dax motor kit today at about noon and I quit for the night at about eleven pm. Got 95% of it done and (I hope) should be ready for the first test ride tomorrow.
    Only things left to do are bend the muffler just a touch for pedal clearance, and make a trip to the local auto parts store for a better grade clamp for the front motor mount, And then, Room-a-zoom-zoom!!!
    A small review,, Ordered the kit from Dax and I am so happy I did! Motor looks great! Packaged nicely, everything packed in bubbled shipping envelopes with lots of shipping peanuts. Dax did a great job putting this kit together! The only "issue" that came up was fixed by a quick phone call to Duane. No more "issue". No problem with the motor, Just the installer.
    I am taking pics and will post as soon as finished.
    I do have one question. I do not have a "shop". No bench vise. Just hand tools, I had to borrow a drill to install the throttle.
    Any ideas on how to straighten the muffler. I know not to bolt it on the motor and pull it. I don't want broken exhaust studs! Any ideas welcome!
    Thank you all! Addum

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    Congratulations and best of luck.

    What I've done with that exhaust is simply drill out the mount holes a bit wider. You don't have too much room to play with there. But you don't need much, either.

    That'll give you a bit of wiggle room when you put it in place. Just swivel a bit to get pedal clearance, then tighten it down.