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Starter Motor



:cool:remember now, you'll need an electrical system to twist that starter. the starter and battery will add 15 lbs?

how many times are you starting the engine?

i've thought about it, when i was looking for TECUMSEH and other large, heavy engines.

i'm fabricating a pullstart mechanism for my twin engine project. i also considered trying to use an cordless electric screwdriver to twist-start the engine/jackshaft.


My interest is in being able to pedal my bike with the motor off ... and independent of the motor drive chain. In order to do this I would have to freewheel the motor chain at the hub. Utilizing this method the pedal start would not work.
I couldn't find specs for the starter motor, so I have no idea how large a 12 volt battery I'd need.
Have you looked at a kick start for your application? Perhaps you could modify a part similar to this: http://www.retrobikes.com/proddetail.php?prod=100-005
I haven't searched the forum for kick start implementations, but I'll check it out.


:confused:i don't think i'd be able to adapt those parts to kickstart my engine. in my case, it'd be a simpler matter to attach a BMX foot peg or a 3" v-belt pulley onto my jackshaft and carry a pullstring.