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    This might be a double post but i havent seen my original post up yet so i figured i'd try again.

    Just got a Zoombike 80cc in Vancouver and mounted it on a cruiser frame.

    its Runs OK except my clutch arm pops out of the engine block from vibrations. From looking around here it seems like a little pin holding this clutch arm down, has fallen out inside the block (or out onto the ground). I would open the side cover up but the screws are in the Block so tight they were stripped immediately. I guess my best bet would be an Easy-Out, and then replace that little pin with a drill bit as ive seen some people mention?
    Still looking for solutions to this issue.

    Stolen pic assuming this is my problem.

    I'm also getting some Bogging with WOT. revs are fine from 0-80% but once i start getting close to full RPMs it cuts back down to half and slows me down. I was running 8:1 oil for my first tank and then i had to eye out my second tank. (Maybe im still too oil rich?)

    This thing is brand new so im trying to figure stuff out,
    Thanks for reading.

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    Its cool around here new people just keep comming!
    May the industry thrive and grow!
    See Ya Later!