Starting a 99cc Predator build

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by jbcruisin, Dec 27, 2011.

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    A friend of mine just got a 99cc Predator engine for a new build I'm helping him with. I just ordered an EZ drive from Quenton for it. Quenton said the engine bolt pattern on the output shaft is the same but since the engine is a little bigger than the 79cc he had to move the drive back a little because the valve cover bolt hit the clutch bell. I'll post pictures as we build the bike.

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    Hi Jay,

    We ended up tilting the drive downward about 1/32" to clear the 99 CC valve cover. We now use the 99 CC pattern for both HF motors. We are currently testing the drive on the 99 CC motor and have installed an adjustable pulley on the motor to allow various primary ratios. So far the maximum primary pulley on the 99 CC motor is 3". We currently ship the 2.5" pulley for the HF motors, as a larger primary pulley can propel the bike past 50 MPH [too fast].

    The 79 CC and the 99 CC motors are very similar, however the 99 CC has a little more torque, and allows a slightly larger primary pulley for top end speeds.

    Please post pictures so others can benefit from the build.

    What bike do you plan on using?

    Have fun,
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    I have to stop by his place this weekend & take some pictures to post.