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    Seeing as how my first attemp went pear shaped I've given up on my Peugot mountain bike as a I value it more as pedal powered.
    I went down the local junk yard a few towns away where I know has bikes from time to time.
    Just a couple of old fashioned SA 3 speed shoppers in reasonable nick but not really exciting or interesting enough. Then my eye was caught by this thing (photo) sticking out of a tree. It's a Raleigh, the only other readable writing says "ALL STEEL BICYCLE", everything else is faded from being kept outside so long.

    Rod operated brakes, those old style handlebars that bend round and face backward and a dynohub. Yep, thats weird enough for my liking, it'll do. Exchanged it for 15 quid and carried it back.

    I've balanced the happy time in the frame and it fits. The only problem is how to get the rubber donuts onto the wheel with internal gears in it.

    Is it feasible to make the hole in the rubber bit bigger?

    I'm going for the old fashioned autocycle look now. Something like this:

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