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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Terry Blow, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Terry Blow

    Terry Blow Member

    Hello and my name is Terry I'm from Surrey British Columbia Canada.
    I'm going to start a motorized bicycle company next year 2010.
    I am leaning towards the vintage and custom frames with tanks built in 4 strokes with skyhawk install kits and sick shift kits for my builds.
    2 stroke kits just sold out the door not for install only for the economy minded.
    I'm looking forward to hearing some positive feed back from you all as I have learned and read lot from you guys over the past few months some of you truly have great wisdom.
    This is my first post and im sure there will be plent more in the years to come Thank you
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  2. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    That sounds like alot of fun!
    I wouldn't quit my day job if I were you though.
    Starting a new business is very expensive, and when things are tough, it's nice to know you can still afford a can of beans and a pack of hot dogs.

    The economy here in So Cal, is horrible right now. Everywhere I travel, people are getting let go.
    Nobody has any spending capitol.
    A cheap MB for transportation might just be what they need though.
    The tricky part is getting them to see it that way.
    The $500.00 to $700.00 spent for a pre-built MB can also buy you a truckload of beans and weenies!
  3. Dilly Bar Rob

    Dilly Bar Rob Member

    Welcome Terry!

    Sadly I must agree with GearNut, I would not try to have this as my primary source of income. I think that here in BC the market would be highly dependent on the season, then again in Surrey you might be able to make some profit even in the off season (winters down at the coast ain't as terrible as they are here-hard to even THINK about biking when it's -20c with 4-5 feet of snow). Make sure to make people sign some waiver about agreeing to only ride the bike "off road", that will help you keep them off your back if they ever run into troubles with the police. :shout:

    Why not 2 strokes installed? Nothing like a little Happy Time for a good time! Don't want to warranty them? I think they do fine, but I would recommend that they be broken in before being sold, also showing (not just telling) people how/what/when to grease makes a difference. Also, ships from Burnaby so you have a 2 stroke supplier close by! :cool:

    500 to 700 (CAD not USD) as GearNut says is a reasonable asking price for a MB IMHO. You might have trouble selling for those prices using 4-strokes though... Depends how cheap you can get bikes (preferably free), parts, engines etc. If you ask for 1 grand then people looking to buy the bike as a means of transportation may as well go and buy a used moped (or a chinese e-scooter) that will be LEGAL to ride on the road and safer.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide to do :cool:
  4. Terry Blow

    Terry Blow Member

    Thank you guys for responding :grin5:
    And to answer Gear Nut I have a great paying job things would have to be going extremly well with this before even consider quiting.
    But to start, I'm thinking about doing only five bikes, I can get discounts starting at that many units.
    Also I am only going to start at a hobby level advertise on the local free internet ads maybe take one to the local flee market.
    Thinking of making money in the start would be foolish, I would only hope for making a name for my company and having some fun.
    My only customers may only be friends and family.
    As for bikes I was thinking about the felt line of bikes the cheif along that line.
    Nice bikes price is middle of the road and as and for the inexpensive bike your wisdom has swayed me and I will do a minmum order.
    But im still leary as there are a few guys in my area that are all ready selling cheap bikes
    That is why I was leaning to wards specializing also there are no 4 stroke here at all.
    Oh and I'm going to do a few pushers as well.
    Thanks for your coments I have and will listen :D
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  5. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Another point to consider is your liability.
    Talk to a lawyer, pay him/ her for the time if necessary.
    Come up with a lawsuite proof release of liability to protect yourself if anything were to go wrong. I.E. : an engine seizing up because the new owner never checked the oil level, or a new owner riding faster than his/ hers skill level can handle and crashing badly.
    Heck, some folks may even blame you because a thorn in the road popped the rear tire.
    What I am getting at is be carefull and cover your bases.
  6. Barbie's hubbie

    Barbie's hubbie New Member

    Terry, Before you quit your day job, have a large inventory already in stock, and be doing enough consistant monthly sales that it becomes impossible for you to keep your full time job. when that occurrs see if your employer will let you go part time, if that gets to be too much, then you are in bussiness. you might want to think about diversity in product line also. maybe snow blowers, chain saws, or hyping "winter project" DIY packages (kits). Don't know how Canadian laws are set up, but "GearNut" is totally correct for business in the U.S. CYI! There are idiots and their bottom feeding lawyers who are out there looking just looking for a way to get rich quick!!! Steve
  7. Terry Blow

    Terry Blow Member

    Thank you every one this just what I was hopping for the info you are all giving me is just awsome. :D
  8. Terry Blow

    Terry Blow Member

    Good Idea Gear Nut but I'm going to go you one better I have a lawyer friend and she suggested a ready to buy corp a little expensive but I as a person can never be sued.
    I'm still going to use your idea Gear Nut thanks :helmet:
  9. Terry Blow

    Terry Blow Member

    And to Barrbie's Hubbie those are great idea's also I have a 20 year old son and a 17 year old and this would be a great way to get them both working as well
  10. jclo3313

    jclo3313 New Member

    I too am considering doing the same in the Atlanta area. Great tips.
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