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  1. CMA_Decky

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    Alright so I finally got my 80 cc engine fitted on my bike. I'm running the 16:1 ration as per the manual. However, it takes a bit of coaxing to get the engine started. I think the biggest issue I have is I can't tell where the choke should be set at, I can't read chinese. Once it's started and running where should I set the clutch again?

  2. Mountainman

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    make sure that when released you have a LITTLE slack in clutch cable
    so as not to burn out clutch

    once you know that THING -- she will be starting for you real fine

    a little rough on the first few dates -- kind of like other THINGS !!!

    ride that THING
  3. CMA_Decky

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    Well since you put it that way....

    Can you explain to me how to set the idle and the choke positions?
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  4. Mountainman

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    oh yes -- get the right THING Mountainman

    kind of like the first date
    best when we start a little slow with her
    too fast and we may get our hand slapped -- remember those times
    idle just to where engine runs smooth -- without a stall
    this is best done when she is warmed up

    don't choke her to death -- she may say no next time
    once started and she's a little warmed up
    bring the chock back slowly to the off position
    if brought back too fast she may stall
    you won't get lucky that time
    try to ease her back (chock) as you keep her running smooth

    it just takes a little time and she will be the one for you
    keep her running smooth
    and she will always be true

    have fun as you ride those THINGS
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    Full choke is with the lever all the way up
    Take the air cleaner off and you will understand how it works
    with the plate blocking the carb intake and will let you see what
    partial choke looks like.

    When your engine is running for a bit push the lever al lthe way down

    Idle: Once the engine is warmed up turn the idle screw until the engine runs smoothly but doesn't stall. You can do it by ear and feel. It isn't rocket science.

    You shouldn't have to adjust the clutch if it is disengaging the engine so
    that you can peddle with it pulled in
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    Leave it out guys, mountain man was just trying to help and I found it quite funny! im going to delete them posts as they arent contributing to the thread in any way.
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    reply to choke

    On my 80cc......
    I have quit trying to use the choke at all.
    The 'tickle' button simply lowers the float and lets more gas into the bowl....
    When the motor is cold I hold this button down untill I see gas dripping.... it starts instantly and runs great.